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My ex

PostPosted: May 22nd, 2022, 6:07 am
by dreamer58405
Dream: So I’m with my ex but we’re dating again, we get in his white truck after a nice dinner date, and he takes me home, I’m laying in his shoulder and when we get to my house I get out and everything’s normal until I get a call in the morning, he had a car crash and died, I was devastated and looked everywhere, the Bible, other people food, for comfort, one day walking out of school I see him standing in front of me alive and well, how? I don’t know, then the entirety of the dream I and in constant fear of loosing him again, but while in the dream I was still in love with him, he drives me home from school and I’m practically having a panic attack in my dream, I get home thinking ima loose him again in the morning, but when I wake up he’s at the front door ready to bring me to school (he never did this in real life), I kiss him then wake up

Significant Life Events: I’ve been dealing really alone and I’ve been asking God what his plan for me is. My most recent ex cheated on me about a week ago, but the ex I’m talking about here is the one before the cheater

Background: I am female, 16, still in school, white

Mental Illness Or Depression: Depression, anxiety, and ADD

Location: United states, Georgia, forsyth

Feelings About People: I miss him from time to time but I don’t know if I would ever get back with him

Relationship Status: Single

When And How Often: It occurred the day I submitted this