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Postby dreamer58399 on May 11th, 2022, 1:38 am

Dream: I feel a bit silly writing this but my dream was just me releasing jesus stone from his tomb while in the dream I helped him he was also moving the stone with me from the inside. he was very much alive not laying in rest there was no blood on him though a cloth of blood lay on the floor of the tomb and after releasing the stone we just but our hands on each others shoulders there was no words spoken just a look of joy in jesus face. While having the dream I had pain in the palms of my hands and in the inner top sides of my feet like when jesus was crucified. The dream just ended after me and jesus had our hands on each others shoulders and he looked at me with joy, this morning (the morning after my dream) I have this feeling of sorrow and sadness and wanting to cry but I can't I'm not a religious man though I do believe in things like this I just don't know what it means it seemed like a really long dream like I could smell the sand, feel the heat of the night and picture it as if I had done this.

Significant Life Events: Looking for a new job at the moment, I have no issues personally or in my personal life or at work. I have had money on my mind but not due to lack off more if I had alot who I would help and how wisely I would spend it on family, friends and charities.

Background: I am 36 years old, male, white British and a truck mechanic.

Mental Illness Or Depression: No history of illnesses.

Location: United Kingdom

Feelings About People: I do not have a relationship with the person in the dream.

Relationship Status: I have my girlfriend and 2 children

When And How Often: It occurred last night 10th May 2022, its the first religious dream I've had.
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