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Dream meaning

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Dream meaning

Postby dreamer58396 on May 4th, 2022, 3:31 pm

Dream: In my dream we were on a basketball court at a Bucks basketball game, but it was an elementary school like gym, there were thousands of people playing basketball. The sea of people spread and I look over and see my ex the way I saw him when we were younger (5 yrs old), in my dream it kept saying 5 years old like it was trying to be very specific with his age, he had big blue sparkly eyes. through a sea of people it opened up directly to him. He looked at me, I felt loved, warmth, in like an awe state. The Bucks won, there was loud buzzer sounds and flashing green colored stadium like lights. Then we were in a cafeteria after the bucks won the game there was a celebration feast, my ex as I see him now is sitting across from me eating. I’m trying to talk to him but he’s just staring at his food like he can’t hear me. There’s a proposal, my grandpa is there, and he placed the wedding ring on my finger and brings my hand out to show my ex. I’m trying to tell him to look, look, but again still no response like he doesn’t hear me at all. My grandpa holds out the hand with the ring on it there’s two, ones a pretty gold color with dainty diamonds and the other is black the wraps around my finger leading down my hand and wrist. I feel like I can’t be heard my heart is racing, I feel hurt ignored, a little scared.

Significant Life Events: My ex who im still incontact with

Background: 27 yrs old, female, employed

Mental Illness Or Depression: no

Location: USA Wisconsin

Feelings About People: I still have so much love from my ex, he knows how I feel about him, I've told him. My grandpa is someone who I feel a lot of love for and I didn't get enough time to spend with.

Relationship Status: single

When And How Often: it occurred once and it was I believe Monday 05.02.22
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