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Black Snake with brown spots and vertical 2 red lines the bo

PostPosted: January 23rd, 2022, 1:10 pm
by dreamer58312
Dream: Sitting in an open plan room, much natural light in room. Looking through big window and then a black snake with brown spots and red stripe came like rolling a ball towards me. When close to me it became normal shape with his tongue out. A Lady was standing next to me and became afraid. I rebuke the snake in Jesus Name, and it turned to my left and sailed away. I did not feel afraid at all, I knew the authority I have because of Jesus

Significant Life Events: Health
Can't find a place that I can afford


Background: Age : 58
Self Employed

Mental Illness Or Depression: History of Depression

Location: South Africa

Feelings About People: Did not know the lady

Relationship Status: Divorced

When And How Often: Last night but I have dreamed about a snake before