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Postby dreamer58304 on January 18th, 2022, 2:04 am

Dream: I dreamed I was in the office standing behind my L-Shaped desk reaching for a file. My boss came from behind and push himself hard against my body especially his lower body. I felt it was sexual. I can't remember me talking to him, but I looked back at him very disgusted with what he did. Right after that, his wife (also my boss) sat on my stomach. I said to her, what is it with you people (meaning her and the husband) and my body. In this scene I was dressed in a yellow shirt and blue jeans. I woke up and the dream left me in a state of negativity toward them. It is so negative that I'm for the last two days not at work.

Significant Life Events: Unhappy at my work place and financial difficulty due to the lost of a very well paid job in 2020. Which left me without a job for 10 months. I took the current job out of desperation, but I know it is not where I should be.

Background: Good Morning....
My name is Sharonn, I'm a 50 year old caucasion female. I'm currently employed, but in not desirable circumstances. My mother tongue is Afrikaans similar to Dutch, so please excuse any incorrect grammar and spelling.

Mental Illness Or Depression: No mental illnesses. Depression for a moment, but nothing serious.

Location: I stay in Swakopmund, Namibia in the south western part of Africa.

Feelings About People: They are confessed Christians, but I can't see the love of Jesus in them. For me it feels like they do good deeds to be seen and also accepted. They are very opinionated and rude at times. The man likes to have sexual discussion which leaves one uncomfortable at times. With that said, I would have never worked for them, if it was not for the current circumstances I find myself in. I feel sometimes like I'm a fake, because I don't want to be there, but still rock up with a smile on my face, but my spirit dislikes every moment of it.

Relationship Status: Single

When And How Often: I took a afternoon nap last Saturday, 15 January 2022 and no it was not a recurring dream.
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