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Postby dreamer58267 on December 1st, 2021, 2:39 pm

Dream: I was at an old place of employment (golf estate, in the country side), the manager came up to me and said that I need to inform the funeral attentendees that no liquor will be sold as from 10 am till 11 am out of respect for the deceased. At that moment hundreds of people appeared all demanding liquor, upon hearing that no alcohol will be sold a handful of individuals started a bit of an uproar.
I turned around to walk away and found myself on the beach, at a resort. A voice told me to go to my station, I was transported to my grandparents home where through the lounge window I saw a tornado deep red and purple in colour. There were people scurrying for shelter. A woman tried to get through the security gate of the back door, I helped her get in the house. In the crowd of panic stricken people desperately trying to get into the house a man with beige chino pants amd white shirt was standing peacefully, smiling. He was unexplainably calm, bible in his left hand, bouqet of red flowers in the other. The woman and I go hide in the lounge where I notice the trouble makers from the golf estate sitting in a circle drinking from brass cups. A minora is too the left of the window through which I saw the tornado, writing on the wall, in arabic maybe. The tornado sweeps up all the people outside, sucks the woman I let in the house out through the ceiling, yet the house had no damage, the smiling man standing outside untouched. A voice tells me 'Remember the numbers 18 52', I asked where my kids are to which he answered ' Safe with Gabriel'

Significant Life Events: Getting through an audit

Background: 39, female, White,Employed

Mental Illness Or Depression: No

Location: South Africa

Feelings About People: I didn't know anyone in the dream. In general the only time I was freaked out was when I saw the guy standing there, the fact that he was so calm amd smiling amist the chaos..really strange.

Relationship Status: Divorced

When And How Often: About 2 months ago.
Had a different dream with the exact same guy with the white shirt telling me that it isnt time yet.
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