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Deceased dad

PostPosted: November 30th, 2021, 9:10 pm
by dreamer58265
Dream: Me and my family (my mom,stepdad,'deceased' father, my son, 2 dauters, husband, inlaws) were on vacation in verginia beach (a trip that actually happened the beginning of August this year) we were all in the ocean playing in the waves happy laughing having the best time. We were getting out of the water and we were randomly in a Walmart talking with Gail (my bestfriends mom who works at a walmart) and my aunt chrissy who had a Walmart uniform on... we were waiting on my dad to come out of the bathroom... when he did come out he looked at me and gail and aunt chrissy and said (I need you to go check on this guy in the bathroom something is wrong and I can't open the stall I don't have the key.. gail and aunt chrissy walked into the bathroom.. my dad was next to me and I was looking at him then my aunt chrissy was screaming and crying and ran out of the bathroom I looked over as she was running went to look back at my dad and he was gone.. so I walked into the bathroom and the guy in the stall was my dad and he was dead I was holding him and crying then he (wile still dead) grabbed my arm opened his eyes and said 'I didn't do this to myself' I woke up crying and sad and scared

Significant Life Events: My dads death(he was found in his bathroom and we have no answers as to what happened to him what he died from) and the holidays.

Background: I'm 26, female, my father recently came back into my life after 16 years from a different state and moved to my state to be closer to ke and his grandkids after a year he passed away very randomly and mysteriously. I have 3 children and 7 brothers (I'm the oldest)

Mental Illness Or Depression: I have anxiety and depression

Location: I live in upstate New York in the USA

Feelings About People: Everyone in the dream is my closest family and the one person that wasn't family is very close to me im on good terms with all of them.

Relationship Status: Married

When And How Often: Last night Monday November 29th. And not reoccurring so far