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A guy

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A guy

Postby dreamer58264 on November 30th, 2021, 3:29 pm

Dream: So I had a crush on this guy ones and another guy caught my attention so I ignored the other one and I was praying to God for months to show me who he chose for me and who was my future husband and at that time I had a crush on the second guy but after this dream I started focusing on the first one I had an interest on remind you I don’t know them personally so I’m a tell you my dreams about him So my first dream I was at a fair it was night time and I was going to get off the ride and there was kids that trying to get on the ride so I gave the money so they can get on an extra money so they could buy food after and when I got off the ferry ride he was right there to catch me and he called me beautiful kissed me it was an a sexual kiss it was a simple kiss and he told me some thing I told him I understood but I do not recall what he said and after that we hugged and I felt like my heart shifted with his and after that we were walking with my close friends and we were on another Area and there was a guy in the corner crying in that guy is the one that currently has a crush on me and I went to him to comfort him but I hesitated and after that my gay brother who is currently gay came up to me shirtless and said is it because I’m gay and that’s how my dream ended and when I woke up from this dream I was confused and I was at peace somehow oh and the guy was dressed in all black and the second dream that I had after this one I I was with him with his group of friends and it look like it was the end of the world it was all red the sky and he was attacked and so was I and I was defending myself and try to look for him and when I looked for him he cured me and I heard a voice say tell him on time and I told him Jesus was coming and he looked at me with sadness like he wanted to cry and the people that were attacking us came back and separated us again and I try to find him and when I found him he was just crying in the third dream after that it was around like after his birthday and I dreamed that I was at my house and I had my cousins with me and there was a group of group of people outside of my house and one of the guys broke in and started chasing us down the stairs and I was it I was in the kitchen and the guy was there he just stared at me and I saw a camera and everybody took a picture including my cousins with him and after the picture I hugged him and it felt like my heart shifted with his again and after that dream a few days later I dreamed of a house it was in my house it was someone else’s and we were in the living room I was with him with his group of friends again there was a girl there with a dog and she was somewhere else at the house but she told me to take care of them I was like OK and there was a Lakehouse around the house and they were drowning him and I told The ones that were drowning him to let him go in the name of Jesus Christ and they let him go but they just look at me and start laughing and I just ignored them and I went to find him in the Lakehouse and there were someone chasing me and I wasn’t scared I was just concerned where was the guy and the Lakehouse was all dirty and when I found him he was just practicing his dance with his other friends like they were we’re rehearsing and in the last dream I’ve had of him was that I was somewhere and I got out got out of a jewelry store or like a store in general I don’t remember which store and waiting outside were two guys with guns but instead of attacking me they went to the store and I heard gunshots and after I was running from that the guy was in a white suit and he just protected me basically andAnd we hugged and at that time my heart didn’t shifted with his it was just like a regular hug and after I woke up I felt a little fear but yeah it went away felt peaceful again felt peaceful againHopefully you can interpret my dreams and help me because I’m like god is this the one you chose for me or is it just me because I don’t want to go with my feelings or my spirit

Significant Life Events: I’ve thought of that guy before but another guy caught my intention and after a few months I’ve been praying to god to show me who he chose for me and who my future husband was and after that I dreamed of the first guy I decided to ignore and not have feelings for now I think of him sometimes through out the day and I haven’t had a relationship for five years and these both guys I don’t know them personally

Background: 22 female Latin American I woke in a company

Mental Illness Or Depression: I had anxiety last year and in 2019 and depression just at that time I don’t have it no more I’m good thank god

Location: USA Georgia Gwinnett

Feelings About People: The guy I think I have a simple crush on him I don’t think I’m in love or anything because I don’t know him like that

Relationship Status: Single

When And How Often: The first dream came around August and the other ones came around September and so on but the latest is November 30 no but one thing I know that reoccurs is that we always hug or we try to talk to each other in my dreams but he’s the distant one like he scared to have a crushOn me or something
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