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dreambible.com • View topic - Birthday party for a friend

Birthday party for a friend

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Birthday party for a friend

Postby dreamer58247 on October 25th, 2021, 2:02 pm

Dream: My dream begins with me being in Spanish class where we were having a birthday party. The back of the room was full of food and the whole junior class was in the room. Everyone was dressed up too. Derek J comes up to me and tells me to lean over a desk (so I do) and he puts a plate of food below me (on the desk) and a bowl of liquid ON MY HEAD. I couldn't move and after a while someone removed the bowl and I stood back up. As the dream goes on we are all partying and eating when suddenly I'm in my grandma's house (but it's not my grandma's house). Once again there was food everywhere and we were all having a blast. More people showed up and I got to see who's birthday it was. A man (I apparently know) named Terry comes up to me saying he's so happy and to keep eating. I learned that me and Terry are long time friends and I've been working with him for years. The party continues and we begin to take out the cake. Instead of a large birthday cake ALL the food turns to hundreds of mini-cupcakes. All of the different colors and flavors are around the room and I go to ask the birthday man (who is sitting by a large window) what he wants to do with all the cup-cakes. They continue to tell me to do whatever I want with them aadn to hand them out. Before I can do so, it begins to pour rain outside the window. I then learn that Terry deeply loves the rain. He turns to the rain and chants “Oh my gracious! It's raining! I love the rain! I love the rain so much”. Terry had the sweetest smile and teared up at the sight. I get really happy and then realize that I don't hear any background noise. I turn around from Terry and notice we are in a whole different room. It's a dark and messy apartment I recognize. I turn back to Terry and see it's stopped raining. He's looking out the window and suddenly gets up. Terry starts walking to the back of the apartment to a dark bedroom. I follow him but half-way through my eyesight goes purple. I turn to see an old friend (wont say name) pole dancing in the center of the room. Not sexually or seductively but just the act of pole dancing for entertainment. I pulled out my phone and texted them (the one pole dancing). Mid performance--they stop and pull out their phone and answer my message. It was as if they couldn't see me or it was an illusion. Once I made this conclusion I went back to walking with Terry. It's a really dark hallway with small beeps of light coming from the windows in the adjacent rooms. I followed Terry to the very back, right side, bedroom where there sat a rocking chair. Terry sat in the chair and my hearing worsened. My hearing sounds muffled and my eyes had gone blurry. I'm still standing next to Terry (who is just a blob) and I can see he's smiling. I hold his hand and suddenly it falls to his side. My vision was so blurry I couldn't tell what happened. I woke up to my sister poking me to wake me up. I've been thinking about this dream a lot and I still can't tell who Terry really was.

Significant Life Events: I've been fairly depressed or sad for unknown reasons. I've been trying to keep myself in order and deal with a lot of family issues that have been happening. The night the dream occurred, I was crying about some things I've been stressing about before i fell asleep. I've was and have been really stressed out and tired.

Background: I am a 16 year old, female, in high school. I am native american and currently unemployed.

Mental Illness Or Depression: Yes

Location: United States

Feelings About People: My classmate sin the dream I care about but they weren't the main characters my dream was about. Terry (the main character) I was really drawn to and I felt sympathy for him. I cared for him dearly.

Relationship Status: dating

When And How Often: October 12, 2021 and it is not recurring
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