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Two Rollercoasters

PostPosted: October 9th, 2021, 10:29 pm
by dreamer58231
Dream: This dream was so vivid and real I believed I was there. I found my self at the top of a rollercoaster all by myself. Before the coaster took off I looked across the way and saw another rollercoaster full of people. It just so happened to be filled with people from my past, though I can not remember who was on the coaster I fixated on the very back cart and noticed my best friend from high school was in the cart and not strapped in. Our roller coasters started going and I noticed my friend on the other side almost fell out a couple of times but never did fall out. I then focused on my ride and noticed I was on a child's roller coaster. I was very perplexed why I was on a childs roller coaster. After the first hill I remember I had to duck backwards because I was going into a tunnel and my head was about to hit the top of the tunnel. When I came out of the tunnel I woke up. I remember feeling perplexed by the dream.

Significant Life Events: Nothing

No fears, frustrations, or relationship issues.

Background: I am 40 years old, Male, White, and self-employed

Mental Illness Or Depression: No

Location: United States, MO, Florissant.

Feelings About People: I have good positive feelings towards the friend in the dream. We have a good relationship.

Relationship Status: Yes

When And How Often: Last night Oct. 8th