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dreambible.com • View topic - Car, Drifting away and can't be found.

Car, Drifting away and can't be found.

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Car, Drifting away and can't be found.

Postby dreamer58230 on October 6th, 2021, 8:22 am

Dream: I saw myself in the dream washing two cars which are parked in straight line(I.e Porsche canyanne with clay colour, the other green smaller car like a saloon).These cars seemed to be my Dad's cars in the dream.
I washing the Porsche canyanne when a small car nipped it from behind and it went rolling down to which it also nipped the saloon car and both went rolling down the road. I noticed the road was filled with other cars too but none of the were hit by these two cars. I ran to see if I could control the cars and make them stop on doing this, I discovered that I can't find them again and I kept looking for it I couldn't only to discover a trace of the tire and started following it but it got a point where the road was tarred I could trace it again. Then I saw my cousin brother who's about to wed in coming weeks step down from a bus, I told him he said I should come that it'd be found so I followed him and when we got home, I saw my mum feeding my junior brother and asked them if they knew what happened she said yes that she's been told then I woke up.

Pls what could this dream mean

Significant Life Events: My relationship with someone just ended, and I'm looking to travel in order to see what I could lay my hands on to fetch money while waiting for my results from school.

Background: I am 26 years, Male, Igbo from Nigeria and just graduated from University.

Mental Illness Or Depression: No.

Location: Nigeria, Rivers State.

Feelings About People: My dads has been struggling with life challenges, my cousin is about to get married in few weeks to come, my mum and my junior brother.. Then I love them cause they're all good to me.

Relationship Status: Single

When And How Often: Just this afternoon
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