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Colour white and shining light

PostPosted: October 6th, 2021, 4:36 am
by dreamer58229
Dream: Last night I had this I was walking with my friend who is a Prophetes holding hands and waking towards where the sun rises from, and us we passed the place for the village chief on our right I looked and I saw a 3 doomed on fire which belonged to a prominent business man and I told my friend let's help quench this fire as this man is a humble and and helping the community becuase no one was willing to help and we took some buckets of water and quenched that fire.After that we called his workers and there came 7 ladies putting on white sunny uniform and they told it's ok as we are hiring. So it came a multitude of people seeking for employment and we also joined the line me and my friend and when we got to the ladies at the table they said No you two ladies don't belong here step aside and wait for the big boss to come.and I asked my friend will he hire us she said don't worry let's just wait.As we were waiting for him he came and he was wearing a white and very very bright shirt and as I looked at his head the light got into my eyes and he looked for clean and I told my friend I want to look at this man but he is too shinning for my eyes let me go and get my glasses so I can look at him and she said No just wait here .The man approached us and greeted us with a smile and ushered us inside a big hall and made us sit at a big table and pulled out a white paper and asked us to sign to be executivès of the company he is building and we did that .as we were done with him he pulled 2 white envelopes and handed each to me and my friend with our names written on them and when we got home we opened and found dollars paper money inside with a note that said thank you and I woke up

Significant Life Events: Worry fear and anxiety

No I am not experiencing any fears,frustration or relationship issues

Background: I am a female of 42 years in Africa and a believer of God and self employed.

Mental Illness Or Depression: I suffer from depression

Location: Botswana central region Boteti.Gaborone city.

Feelings About People: My current relation with my friend is ok because we grew up together ,schooled together and now we are like sisters

Relationship Status: Married

When And How Often: This dream occurred this night that I woke up