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dreambible.com • View topic - Out of body self death

Out of body self death

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Out of body self death

Postby dreamer58221 on September 30th, 2021, 4:23 pm

Dream: I’m at the store with my family (husband and 5 kiddos) we have split off in different directions all looking for what we came for. My husband is with 4 of our kids and I am with just my youngest son (age 11). Son is asking me if I recognize a picture on a shelf.. like “ is that so in so”? I’m kind of tuning him out while I look for what we came in for. I look up and there is no ceiling in the building, I can see blue skies and white full fluffy clouds. Initially Partly conceiled by the clouds is a black squid like octopus thing with 1 eye shooting at us. All of everyone in the store. I instantly wonder where the rest of my family is and I turn to go down a different aisle to look for them. But there is a second squid like octopus coming towards us and is also shooting. I decide that my husband will have to protect our other children and I step in front of my son.. blackness comes down on me. Only darkness/emptiness is around.. next scene. I walk through a door to a longish room. Theres a door at either side of the room. In the room are a row of people laying on cots with black blankets over them. I for some reason go to the 3rd or 4th blanket.. not sure which I just started kn the middle. I pulled the blanket off of the person and it was my husband sleeping. I know he was only sleeping cuz I examined him and heard his heart beating. And I was happy. Releaved. I removed the blanket of the person to the right of him. It was myself Laying there dead. I examined myself and there wasn’t any life movement in me. I listened to my chest and there wasn’t a heart beat only a burble of an empty stomach. I pushed myself in a panic and said don’t die. I threw myself in the air exclaiming don’t die!! I hoped that when I fell back to earth I would rouse awake. I didn’t. I gave my self chest compressions. Repeatingly saying don’t die!!! But nothing was working. So I resigned and said to god. Ok.. ok. If I’m dead then take me away. I can’t be here. I said take me. Over and over I said take me. Then I woke up.

Significant Life Events: Busy life. Mom got diagnosed with cancer. My step sons’ bio mom’s boyfriend killed himself.. worried about the step son still living in that house hold, in the middle of a house refinance. But not super worried about any of it.. relying that gods plan will work out for us.. even if it’s not always how we think it will unfold.

Background: 42 white married woman with 5 kids. 3 my own from a previous marriage and 2 from my spouses previous marriage. I work full time outside the home and have only recently started going to church (about 4 months now). Invited god in my heart when I was a little kid.. but have never been baptized. I know that I am saved by the grace of god through Jesus Christ. Also have started reading the Bible.. only 7 books read so far. I’m still pretty much an infant in Christ

Mental Illness Or Depression: No

Location: Missouri

Feelings About People: I love my family so much! Many of my family have accepted god into their hearts. I’m being patient with the others. I want us all to be saved and reside in the kingdom of heaven.

Relationship Status: Married

When And How Often: Occurred for the first time this morning 9/30. Not reoccurring so far. I just don’t usually dream. And when I do it’s not vivid. It’s more only thoughts. This was vivid. I could see color, hear voices, feel loss, panic and sorrow.
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