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Dreaming about Justin Beiber

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Dreaming about Justin Beiber

Postby dreamer58219 on September 26th, 2021, 1:59 pm

Dream: I was in a hotel and we were trapped in it. Justin Bieber showed interest in me and I was so excited even though I don’t like him in real life. I was excited for him to kiss me and he finally did but he was also being a bit of a Jerk.

Lust, excitement, hiding in different rooms, there were other people trying to escape too. I kept trying to hide I was with Justin Beiber. I remember he broke into a plane and flew me but I was holding onto a rope that was attached to the helicopter.

Significant Life Events: Deciding what I really want in life and making a plan to move towards that.

I am afraid my relationship doesn’t have enough romance. I get sick a lot and he doesn’t feel well most of the time.

Background: I am 31. I am a Hispanic female and am currently unemployed.

Mental Illness Or Depression: Yes

Location: Provo UT

Feelings About People: I couldn’t make out and faces but there were older maternal people. I haven’t seen them in real life.

Relationship Status: I have a boyfriend.

When And How Often: It occurred just last night and it is recurring.
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