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I dream about a Mansion

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I dream about a Mansion

Postby dreamer58214 on September 17th, 2021, 7:02 pm

Dream: I dream that I was walking to this beautiful house when I enter the house my husband was there it was just me and him it was as if he was setting down on a couch but we want talking as I began to walk up the stairs I began to see how beautiful and colorful the furniture was I just stop and begin to look all around me it had some much beautiful things there I was as if I could not believe that this was my house it was so pretty upstairs I have dream about a beautiful house before but this one in every room of the house when I open the room doors it had a different color in every room it was so beautiful I dream about beautiful houses why is that. My heart be full of joy and happiness as if I can’t believe it my house it do pretty in side.

Significant Life Events: My daughter and husband son I just came out of a three night Revival. My daughter was disrespectful that was on my mind and my husband cheated on me in the pass that was on my mind my son don’t live here with me he lives in another town that was on my mind.

Background: My Name is Della Jackson I’m a Manager I love working with my co-worker and meeting people I’m 56 years old female black African American, work for Hendry County School. Head Custodian.

Mental Illness Or Depression: No depression. High blood pressure

Location: Labelle, USA,Florida

Feelings About People: It was just my husband. And the second dream it was my mother she walk with me up the stairs but she left I was by myself looking at how beautiful this house is.

Relationship Status: Married

When And How Often: Last night. Sometimes I would see this beautiful house as if I don’t want to leave.
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