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I don't know

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I don't know

Postby dreamer58210 on September 13th, 2021, 6:10 pm

Dream: I started having this dream a long time ago, and every now and then it appears. I don't know why I have this dream, or what it means. I can't hear or do anything in these dreams, I just observe like it's a memory.

It's a series of moments or scenes, the first one is me standing in a field, just a yellow field with those grains around the height of my hips. The wind blew to the left, I could tell because the grains all bent left as well. In front of me there's this girl who's turning around towards me on the field, but everytime I try to think about it, I can't remember what she looks like. The sun was either rising or falling, but the scenery was all orange and warm. The second scene was me in a dark alleyway, and I'm standing close to the exit which led to a road. I could see that there's a blue glowing sign, but can't make out what it says. In front of me is the same girl, but she's turning around to me again with her hand reaching out to me for some reason. The third scene I'm lying on grass on top of a large hill, and I'm staring at the stars in the sky. It felt cool because of the wind, and lying down next to me was the same girl. All I can really remember is the stars being very bright and colorful, to a point it didn't seem real. The last scene I remember is running towards a wooden house in the middle of nowhere. It was very windy, and there was a storm on top of the house. To the right of the house are the hills I think I was laying down on in the scene before, and to the right was a forest that led to Mountains. It was the only house around, but I was running on a trail of stones as fast as I could. To the right of the house, there was a giant tornado that was heading towards it. And before I got there, it destroyed the house. At that point, the dream ended.

Significant Life Events: Nothing that I can really think of

Background: I'm 16 years old, I'm asian, and I'm a high school student

Mental Illness Or Depression: Yes

Location: North Carolina, US

Feelings About People: I don't know who the person is in my dream, as I can't tell what she looks like. Everytime I try to think or imagine it, her face is just covered in gray scribbles.

Relationship Status: single

When And How Often: It occured around 5 years ago, and it's consistently reappeared many times to the point I've never forgotten about it. So it's recurring yes.
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