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Lost after a birthday party

PostPosted: September 11th, 2021, 5:22 pm
by dreamer58207
Dream: I had a big 29th birthday in a hall decorated with metallic rainbow streamers and foil balloons, it was a nice party but I was upset because no one said hello or goodbye to me. No one really talked to me all night and Noleen and Tennille weren't there.
At the end of the night Chelsea was telling me about a type of hernia she had been diagnosed with. Very new discovery that had something to do with a 1997 medical birth scandal. She wanted me to look I to it.
After packing up, I was helping my parents take their take away Chinese food to their car in a car park. The lids had come off the containers in the plastic bag and I was trying to keep it from making mess. Once I handed it back to my mum, the lids reappeared on the containers.
I needed to pee so I found a bathroom near the car park and when in. There were many doors between the entry and the stalls and I got quite disoriented on the way in.
When I was trying to find my way out I couldn't remember which of the many doors I had come through and I existed the bathroom into a German hospital/office building.
I was trying to find a way back to the carpark and when I realised I was in Germany I wanted to get to an airport and it was very difficult to get help.
I ended up being shown to a chauffeur service that was going to cost $300 something dollars with vague instructions on how to get to the airport.
It was a car service (red car) with 3 pick up and or drop off locations and although the driver understood me he seemed put off talking to me by my accent or the way I spoke.
Another passenger was picked up from a nursing home and they seemed to be friends but they were speaking English in a way that I had no idea what they were talking about. They were using expressions and slang that was very unfamiliar to me. I was worried I wouldn't make it to the airport and the driver wouldn't clarify.

Significant Life Events: I've been thinking about issues setting boundaries with my mum and the reality of recent career changes. I've also been reflecting lots on the massive differences between the life I expected I would live and the live I am living, being much better off than I ever believed possible for me.

Background: 25 year old woman, Australian, medical scientist.

Mental Illness Or Depression: CPTSD and ADHD

Location: New South Wales

Feelings About People: Noleen and Tennille are my best friends but they are on opposite sides of political views and that gives me anxiety.
Chelsea is a friend that I miss.
My parents and I have a good relationship but it's a bit tense currently.

Relationship Status: Married

When And How Often: Just before I work up at 8am on a Sunday.