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Postby dreamer58204 on September 4th, 2021, 9:07 pm

Dream: Backstory- My sister went missing for a few days and then was found deceased in 2016. August of 2019 they made an arrest in the case and it is still on going. The person arrested and awitibg trial is currently out on bond.

I keep having the same dream of my sister the day she was found murdered but she is speaking to me saying you are missing something its right in front of you, you have all the answers. It's in a grassy wooded area like where her body was found but nothing but trees and darkness around us. It always ends with me waking up and I think someone is screaming but as I'm waking up I guess everything in the dream starts getting darker and darker

Significant Life Events: Just figuring out money due to fiance being off work due to the virus. So it is frustrating.

Background: I am Desma April 29 year old white female. I am currently a sham for the first time ever I have been employed since I was 15 as a CNA and other various factory and fast food businesses.

Mental Illness Or Depression: Depression yes

Location: USA, Kentucky, boyle county

Feelings About People: I miss my sister terribly and wish I could make up for the relationship we had when she passed

Relationship Status: Engaged

When And How Often: It started happening about 3 years ago or so it is not every night but I have the same dream a few times a week.
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