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bed & clothing

PostPosted: September 4th, 2021, 10:28 am
by dreamer58202
Dream: I was in bed, my room, someone I knew/know (can't really recall who) had to come into my room to sleep. She was at the foot of my bed and I started tossing my pillows to her. We were laughing. When I woke up, in reality, I had to put on a certain shirt. I did put on a different shirt but my mind kept telling me to change to the shirt I had to put on according to whatever else happened in my dream, whatever Was said? Compelled I guess to wear. Weird dream.

Significant Life Events: retirement, getting house ready to sale

Background: F, 64, ft

Mental Illness Or Depression: N/A

Location: Ohio. USA

Feelings About People: whoever she is/was I felt comfortable as we were laughing. She was really tired.

Relationship Status: S

When And How Often: Last night.