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Dealing with the past

PostPosted: September 3rd, 2021, 7:27 am
by dreamer58200
Dream: I was with a friend hearing about her past I began telling her about this dream (in the dream). My middle daughter had been taken. My x husband and I were in a restaurant and she was in a carrier and taken from under the table. She was returned a week later. My X husband brought her home which was suspicious. The scene changed and I was in a dim room with My X and my sister. He said he had taken her as part of a plan. They took pictures of her. My sister said that she was forced to be a part of the plan and didn't have a choice. Then there was an arched doorway and it was very dark. A voice spoke about the plan also. don't have the words. I thought in the dream it was my mother-in-law not sure why no face. I became very angry and got into the face of my X I told him I hated him. I woke up wondering where such anger had come from. I have forgiven my X and moved on. Worked with God extensively on this, broke soul ties, got rid of a root of bitterness. I have had several other dreams, with my X, my sister, and my brother. Sometimes together and sometimes separate.

Significant Life Events: God sent me to Missouri. I am here to work in deliverance ministry. I am training and trying to be set free myself. I had reached a place where I felt like all demons with legal rights are gone.

Relationship issues: The biggest one is my daughter stopped talking to me because I moved to MO. She is a non believer and thinks I'm crazy
My husband and I have had a strained relationship over the move, but I believe that is improving.

Background: I'm 64 English Irish female retired.

Mental Illness Or Depression: I have suffered in the past of depression. I have been healed of that

Location: Webster County, Seymour Missouri

Feelings About People: My brother doesn't tell the truth and is an alcoholic. Don't have a relationship with him haven't spoke to him since 2011 after my mother died.
My X i don't have a relationship with him only see him at family gatherings.
My Sister We don't talk regularly, but we get along.

Relationship Status: Married

When And How Often: 8-19-21