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Nightmares ?

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Nightmares ?

Postby dreamer58197 on September 3rd, 2021, 3:29 am

Dream: These dream has occured a few times but in different settings. Some background is that I commit lust and the room that I usual do it, sometimes scare me like I feel something (maybe it’s just in my head) this dream has happened a few times but I only remember the recent three.

1) (I took down this dream cause I thought it was scary and might have a meaning) the people in this dream are all people from my children’s home……

So the dream starts with me talking to jie Annable (the chaplain) And then she gave us all this pendent and said it will protect us. The pendent had false idols engraved on it like khrishna, so I clarified with jie Annable cause she isn’t supposed to give us this. But she said “they too are gods” and I also heard her say “Jesus is a prophet”. And then she gave this small girl the pendent. Florence (ex resident of the children’s home) and I told Florence not to wear the pendent but she did.

After that she stared smiling creepily and acting creepy. I told her to stop and she was like “relax I’m just playing”, but I knew she wasn’t she kept doing it and I told her to stop but she didn’t. So I quickly hugged her and started praying. A door suddenly flung opened and we were suddenly inside. As I say I began my “our father who art in heaven....” a demon came and he had a sword in his hand and he was Soo big and talll and then someone else came and it was Jesus he too had a sword. As I was praying the demon tried to kill Jesus with one blow but Jesus strikes him first and cut his head off, the demon died. Then another demon came with a sword as I was about to finish the prayer, but he too was defeated with one blow. As I finished I thought it was all done. I said “in Jesus name I pray amen” but then something felt off and I felt like my prayer was too short and then a third demon came and I knew I had to continue so I said “ protect us from the evil one lord“ and some other things but this time instead of Jesus defeating him, Jesus got his head cut off, for a moment I was shock, but within seconds when the demon though he defeated Jesus, Jesus rose and cute his head off , it caught fire as it flew.
(I remember Jesus dying two times in this dream before finally killing the demon) when I woke up the first thing I said was Jesus rose on the third day.

2) the second dream is shorter I didn’t take down the exact thing but I remember)

I was in the room where I usually commit sin, I was sitting on the bed when I suddenly hear multiple things(demons) surrounding me I was so scared. I started reciting the Lord’s Prayer, the demons were screaming in fear at first I thought it was working but they started laughing at me after that, they pretended that the Lord’s Prayer was hurting them but it didn’t they started coming at me I had a bible in my hand but I didn’t know what to say and then I woke up.

3) this is the dream that happened two days ago

I was in my room and I was talking to my crush we were happy and flirting. And then I had to go to the living room for dinner when I stood there I saw a black figure none of the kids in my home saw it except for me, it started strangling me and dragging me out the door the kids were all in shock they saw me lifted of the ground. But I came to the room I stared reciting the Lord’s Prayer and the demon slowly vanished, I felt its presence but I couldn’t see it, I felt like it was watching me. And then I went to the table where two of my friends were I started praying over the food by using the Lord’s Prayer, they were talking when I was doing that so I told them that, if I don’t pray it will come back again, I told them to don’t be so disrespectful, and I started praying again but one of my friend to my surprise continued talking like she didn’t care about what I said and I just ignored her and continued praying.

These were my dreams I’m actually scared I feel like the dreams were to tell me to read the bible more, but I feel like there’s more.

Please help me

Significant Life Events: I’ve been anxious about my exams but usually these dreams only come when I have committed a sin again, I would cry myself to sleep after committing the sin.

I do not experience and fears but I get frustrated at myself when fall into the sin

Background: I’m a 17 years old girl.

Mental Illness Or Depression: No I do not

Location: I live in singapore

Feelings About People: I really like the boy in my recent dream, we don’t talk cause his busy studying and so am I
I am friends with both of the girls and we live in a Christian home so it’s all cool. They don’t really believe in god but I don’t push them or anything

Relationship Status: Single

When And How Often: It occurs after I cry myself to sleep for committing lust and it is reoccurring
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