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PostPosted: September 2nd, 2021, 2:37 pm
by dreamer58196
Dream: My aunt and I was walking into the hospital we were walking next to each other an the next moment my deceased uncle and grandmother were there. Only I could see them in the beginning. I was so happy to see them and I think both of them was also happy. I could hug them both. My grandmother were skipping. And the next moment se was running away to a room in the hospital. Someone was lying in the hospital bed. I dont know who it was. Some said phone uncle Joseph. He is my grandmother’s brother, he is a doctor. The next moment my grandmother were through cookies (I think it was cookies) at a dark figure. The figure got a little bit mad. I was a little bit afraid.

Significant Life Events: I have problems at work with one of the typists. She is jealous because she thinks I am being treated beter than she is and because I am married to one of the attorneys

Background: I am a 31 year female person and currently employed as a deeds typist at an Attorney firm

Mental Illness Or Depression: No

Location: South Africa

Feelings About People: I have a good relationship with my aunt. I was my grandmothers only granddaughter. I did not see her much. But helped where I could when she was sick. My uncle was always there for me. I loved them both

Relationship Status: Married

When And How Often: Last night