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The bomber and the uncle

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The bomber and the uncle

Postby dreamer58193 on August 31st, 2021, 10:48 am

Dream: I believe there were two parts of the dream. In the first part of the dream, I went to someone’s house. There was a man sitting in a chair in the living room and another man standing in the threshold of a hallway. I was in the house standing behind a television set being so scared. The man told me to come here so he can talk to me. I cannot remember what questions he asked me, but he pulled out a knife and almost stabbed me with it.

I took a step back and ran back and hid behind the television. I got down on my knees and I remembered being so scared at the time. I saw two knives beside me. So o finally ran outside and went into my silver sedan that I parked next door. When I got in the car, I started the car and it sounded like someone tampered with the motor. The car was still driveable, but the car couldn’t go as fast. I overheard a woman saying to someone “She got in the car and it’s still starting!” And so I drove off not caring how the motor sounded or how fast it was going. As I was leaving the neighbourhood, there was a terrorist that standing on the front porch. He threw a bomb in the front of the car.

I stopped the car and I backed up and went around the bomb. As I was backing up, the bomb blew up in front of the car. I drove around the explosion and went down the road. It was pitch black outside and I couldn’t see where I was going. As I was driving down the road, I saw two houses. I felt like I was familiar with this particular and I knew what street I was driving on. There was a black and yellow house on my left and I gray and White House on the right. I’m between the two houses was a foundation of a house that looking like it was in the beginning stages of building. So I turned in the yard of the black and yellow house and I turned around to go back on the street I was driving on.
Then I had a dream I was at my aunt and uncle’s house. In real life, I spent a lot of time at their house when I was a child. Also, in real life, my uncle passed away eleven years ago. In the dream I was in the living room and my aunt was crying. I went to console her from crying and then all of a sudden, there was a white light that appeared in the living room. My uncle came out of the white light with a huge smile on his face and gave everyone in the room a handshake. He walked around the coffee table that was in the middle of the living room and another white light appeared. I was the last person whom he gave a handshake to. He had the biggest smile on his face. When he walked away from me he walked into the other white light. As he was walking away I said, “Hey uncle Bobby! I’m almost Dr. Williams!” He didn’t turn around. He walked back into the white light. And that was the end of the dream.

Significant Life Events: I took a Biochemistry class. I had to take this class several times. The last time I took this class I was less than one point from passing. In the past the professor gave me extra points. This time the professor didn’t give me extra points even though I was one point away from passing. I have emailed him and he didn’t respond. I applied for remediation but it got denied. I reached out to my advisor and she told me to email his supervisor. I emailed his supervisor and the supervisor told me that my professor told him he does not do any credit adjustments. His supervisor told me that it was up to the professor to give me extra credit points.

Background: I am a Chiropractic student doctor

Mental Illness Or Depression: No

Location: Ballwin, MO

Feelings About People: The first part of the dream I was scared. I did not know the men and the woman in my dream. Towards the end of the dream I was relieved to be out of the house. I ignored what the woman was saying in the first dream. The second dream, I was happy to see my uncle. When I was younger, my uncle would always tell me to do well in school and graduate so that I can be successful. He was very supportive of my academic endeavours.

Relationship Status: Single and dating.

When And How Often: Last night. It is not a recurring dream however I always have dreams about a yellow and black house.
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