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dreambible.com • View topic - Making a painting of sort about grass in the ground with som

Making a painting of sort about grass in the ground with som

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Making a painting of sort about grass in the ground with som

Postby dreamer58187 on August 24th, 2021, 5:44 pm

Dream: Two people making a painting on the ground. The man is using a brush. We appear to be painting grass in light dark/grey ink and reciting a poetic story of sorts about marriage (?). I don't quite remember. The paper is greyish or the setting appears to be during late afternoon where things are a bit dim but not completely. This seems to be done outside but I am unsure. Me using my spit to draw grass. First I used the brush then eventually I spat on my left hand and continued painting after running out of ink. The beginning of the painting was somewhat organized and then the grass got thicker after I had to spit on my hand. I was trying to match the strokes of the man as we continued to paint together. We appear to be married. This dream is actually a randon continuation of another dream actually. The other dream is about recalling events having to do with drinking in my younger sister's friends' house. I forgot what it was about but I know the context is about drinking and thinking about that. Going back to the painting grass dream. We completed the painting. I can't remember what the man looked like but I know he's Asian like me and maybe about the same age or a bit older. I had dreams about Japan before so maybe he's Japanese (?). Other dreams related to Japan in particular is one about being in a festival. I see two couple going in a tent to make love. The festival is called Himaewari festival. I looked it up and Himaewari means sunflower. I had that Japanese-like dream last month many weeks ago.

The dream about painting looks like one of those traditional Japanese way of painting actually so I find it odd. Then again before I slept I was re-reading a romance manga that affected me greatly growing up. Words I thought of seconds after waking up:'Eveything I give [for you]' and 'the grass is greener on the other side'. I woke up somewhere at 4:25 PM because a spam/scam mail called me as it usually does regularly. Keep in mind I slept only 5 hours at this point hence why I remember this dream.

Significant Life Events: Wanting or needing someone. No one specific in particular. Just the yearning to cuddle with someone. Keep in mind I am currently not or ever been in any relationship.

Background: Age: 23
Gender: Female
Ethnicity: South East Asian
Employment: 4th Year Nursing student

Mental Illness Or Depression: No but my eldest sister does. I had bouts of depressive-like symptoms in 2019 relating to school.

Location: Texas

Feelings About People: I don't know what to feel about the guy in my dream. I just know we were married or are in that process for some reason. He spoke about a story about marriage. It sounded cool and philosophical. I wish I remember it completely. I got a feeling this dream is self explanitory however I still want to know the complete possible interpretation.

Relationship Status: Single

When And How Often: Just today. It's not reoccuring
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