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water/drowning/tv characters

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water/drowning/tv characters

Postby dreamer58175 on August 18th, 2021, 8:02 am

Dream: I am running away from 'someone' and i jump into a fast flowing rough river, there is a multi arched bridge across the river and I manage to cling onto the side of one of the arches wall. As I do I see a small white dog struggling in the water and in danger of drowning. Managing to stay clinging to the bridge with one arm i manage to drag the drowning animal to me. the next thing i know I am by the riverbank and pull myself and the dog (by which it has turned into a cat) onto the bank. The dream switches immediately to me being surrounded by characters from a procedural law enforcement programme. One of the characters is 'forcing' me to dance but it's under the guise of protecting me from 'someone'. One of the characters is watching this happen as is approached by 'someone' (unclears if it's another character or not) and is asked 'you love her' to which the reply is 'yes', the 'someone' then says 'she loves you' and without hesitation the character says 'yes', he then walks over to me and releases me from the dance cups by face and kisses me.

Significant Life Events: work (new job but finding it boring). money (lack of), needing to change my life

Background: Female, white, full time employment, mid 40's

Mental Illness Or Depression: no

Location: UK

Feelings About People: everything is fictional, i have no dog and I hate cats and the characters are from a tv show i watch

Relationship Status: single

When And How Often: the river and saving the dog has occurred before, this is the first time the dog turned into a cat
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