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Rescued by friendly poltergeist

PostPosted: August 11th, 2021, 3:04 am
by dreamer58167
Dream: I dreamed I was in an apartment not my own. An aggressive man I do not know came through the doorway(it had no door)the man had a knife and I felt he wanted to harm myself & partner and son. I fought with the man and took the knife from him and held it near his neck but I did not harm him but was still grappling with him. After a few seconds of grappling with the man then what I felt to be a poltergeist/ghost took hold of the man lifting him in the air throwing him around then throwing him out of sight and I felt that the poltergeist had killed him. The next moment I was sitting on a sofa in the same apartment with my partner sitting on another sofa across from me the room was dimly lit. In the corner of the room there were our 2 cats I could see their eyes shining looking towards me, a glass orb at the cats feet rolled on its own but I was not afraid and objects were levitating around me and I felt the poltergeist was trying to communicate with me I felt at peace and grateful that the poltergeist had helped and rescued me. The dream then ended and I woke up.

Significant Life Events: No stresses really

Background: I'm Caucasian 39 years old , male, I work as a carer

Mental Illness Or Depression: No

Location: United Kingdom

Feelings About People: I felt peaceful, supported and grateful that I was rescued by the poltergeist, I felt my partner in the dream was more of an observer rather than playing an active role in the dream story.

Relationship Status: Long term heterosexual relationship

When And How Often: It occurred in the early hours around 3am it was the first time I'd had the dream, it was very vivid and I remembered all the details.