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Postby dreamer58163 on August 8th, 2021, 11:05 am

Dream: Well at first it was somewhat like a party in a store. So all friends, celebrities, family(cousins and parents, and even people from my school came. So during the party a lot I witnessed my younger self there with me along with my cousins younger self. my ex was there but it seemed like we were dating and i had a conversation with my younger self. So later on I contacted the guy who raped my girlfriend(jordy) via facetime i’m assuming he thought i was Jm( a close friend of mine who I introduced him to) we had a conversation about working out and getting jobs. So later on we go to this classroom seemed like we were in a summer program. The teacher was my chemistry teacher and he was calling roll jordy and my ex girlfriend were there(jasmine) He called their names jordy wasn’t really paying me any mind. So the chemistry teacher had us do an activity where we were supposed to find a door. so he calls jasmine to do the activity with a different group. So they do it and end up failing miserably. So then he calls us to do the activity me and some other people. we walk around the building for a bit and we end up passing the test. That’s pretty much it.

Significant Life Events: Honestly just going back to school and making more friends
I just recently got out of a relationship with my ex girlfriend. However There’s this guy that raped her(at a certain point in time he was my friend) and he goes to the school that is next to my house and I’m not really scared to see him but I have a feeling i’ll confront him.

Background: I’m 16, Female, African american and I’m in high school currently

Mental Illness Or Depression: No

Location: United states, Texas Dallas

Feelings About People: Jasmine I still have feelings for her and she still has feelings for me but she’s going through family issues. Jordy well i don’t hate him but I think he should A pay for jasmine’s therapy or B turn himself into jail. me and jasmine are on speaking terms. Jordy disappeared however i will see him when we go to school

Relationship Status: freshly single

When And How Often: This dream occurred the night of august 7th. Me being in school has recurred but not me being around these people
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