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Beautiful shapeshifting cat

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Beautiful shapeshifting cat

Postby dreamer58161 on August 7th, 2021, 2:33 pm

Dream: It started off in my current house, and I was in my room cleaning with my dog,Lilly(a miniature Pomeranian), by my side, sleeping on the floor.My Dad came into my room holding this black goop/smoke ball and started asking me what I had done to the trees outside and why this stuff was in our backyard.After fighting with him for a while and telling him I didn’t know what it was or how it got there, he threw the goop/smoke on my floor and stormed out of my room. I ended up sitting down by my dog and staring ant the stuff just watching it.And after a while the black gloop/smoke started to take on the shape of a small kitten.The kitten walked up to me and sat in my lap.That’s the first time I got a good look at it’s beautiful bright, almost neon blue eyes. And I remember it fur being so deeply black and so silky and soft to the touch. I started petting it and felt just so strangely comfortable, the cat however wasn’t “fully” formed as its tail trailed off into this black flame that swished just like a tail but didn’t stay in the shape of one.We say there for a while then I stood up and the “kitten” swirled up my arm and laid into my skin,giving me what looked like a black dragon tattoo swirling around my arm.I walked out side to be startled that my parents were having a party and all of the people that I don’t like from my mother’s job were there(a few hundred people).As time went on at The party I got more and more uncomfortable, but I just kept staring at the sunset filled with beautiful deep purples and oranges.After a while some people came up to me and started asking questions. I got so uncomfortable that I put my hands over my face and the Black Dragon tattoo swirled off of my skin and swallowed up the people.After doing so it turned back into the kitten and followed me as I ran away into a forest.After a while of running I came to a beautiful lake with a waterfall surrounded by flowers and trees everywhere I sat down in a small patch of grass and dipped my feet into the water .The kitten had sat down and curled up beside me and I felt comfortable again.I remember petting it and looking at the beautiful scenery before me and then looking into the kittens beautiful eyes before waking up.

Significant Life Events: Mostly just trying to get stuff done at work and at home like cleaning, sewing and such.

I know I am I’m just not to open about it.

Background: I’m 17, Female, and a mix of many races including Native American.I work 2 jobs currently(a busser and hostess, and a professional ballet dancer).

Mental Illness Or Depression: No,and there isn’t any history of it in my family either.

Location: I live in a small country town on the west coast of the United States,but live just 45 min away from both of my jobs in the big city.

Feelings About People: My relationship with my parents, particularly with my Dad, is rough. We love each other and will do anything for each other as well as they support my decision to dance professionally, but I don’t like my parents and they are often mentally and physically abusive.I love and would do anything for my little brother(who is 11 years younger than me).

Relationship Status: Single

When And How Often: This is the first time I have had this exact dream, but elements from it are the same from other dreams I have had and I felt so strangely comfortable with the cat that I had to figure out why.
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