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Always running

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Always running

Postby dreamer58158 on August 2nd, 2021, 11:03 pm

Dream: This is todays's dream.
I remember sitting in my high school class next to my friend and sitting behind was a another classmate (I specifically remember him, don't know why, we hardly spoke in class). My math sir was talking something about new evaluation method for us, and we had to fill out a form, the guy behind me did is on the same day, but I couldn't even remember what to do.
Then my Sir was giving out anonymous compliment letters sent by the students to each other. I received 3, out of it 2 were written by me to my friends who left the school. I also wrote for his friend and benchmate, though anonymous she figured out it was me and told the same to me.
The guy behind me was keeeping his book on
on head leaning. I felt uncomfortable but I didn't complain about it to him.
The school dispersed. I had a sudden urge to go defecate, but I was farway from the new builing of my school as I was in the old building. I took a fast and panting run from the old building, passed some other old buildings and some people. I went into this luxurious and extravagant building as a en-route to the new building. There, were lot of rich kids wearing expensive dresses. I didn't speak to anyone or knew anyone, but suddenly some on slid his hand in mine, I didn't even look beside as I was speeding to go to toilet. I looked at his back when he left, and I could recignize him. He was a guy I highly revered in high school for his maturity, decentlcy and manners. He left me without looking back.
Finally I was at the door of the nee building where I saw my principal. She asked me to greet her, on her saying I wished her. Finally I found the toilet. I run towards it, therr were many toilets but one of them had this bright light indicating it was cleaned recently and people can use that. I went in, after a glance I sit on the toilet seat and relieved myself. Thats all I remember.

Significant Life Events: I'm always running for something in a hurry. Not chased but running for something, different thing like toilets, to catch a bus, and feeling extremely nervous about what if I miss out on something.
I usually experience fear of missing out on whatever I'm running for.

Background: I'm 25, female and an office worker.

Mental Illness Or Depression: I did suffer from depression around 4 years ago

Location: India

Feelings About People: Expect my benchmate friend and I'm not in touch with anyone. And I honestly I have not much feeling about anyone in the dream. The guys who sat behind me, I always respected him as he was honest with words, funny and kind to everyone. We only spoke once as much I remember in school.
The guy who slide has hand, was also someone I resepected in his whole friend group. I don't remember having any conversation with him too. Also when I woke up I peed myself.

Relationship Status: I'm single

When And How Often: This dream is not recurring, but the atmosphere is. I dreamt this particular dream only today. But usually whenever I have school dreams, I'm always in my school uniform, sometimes in middle school and other times in high school. Sitting in the classroom. I feel the exact same way I felt in school. I never spoke up, had numerous inhibitions and was scared of my classmates, teachers, fearing I would miss out on some deadline. But I have changed so much over the years, but in my dreams I feel excatly how I felt then.
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