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Suitcase and water

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Suitcase and water

Postby dreamer58157 on August 2nd, 2021, 6:27 pm

Dream: My dream started with me standing near the staircase of an upstairstairs apartment. I have a big suitcase with wheels on it but it belonged to my daughter 22 year old daughters As I turn to close the door the suitcase goes rolling down the stairscase. It almost hits the kids down below. As I go to get it. I'm distracted and turn to see alot of cars eats hanging under a tree like a yard sale of some sort. I then continue to walk in the direction where the luggage fell. But I walked right in a pool which happen to be like a water park kind of pool that had very aggressive mechanical waves. Pushing me to and from. It was hard for me to catch my breath. I found my way out then as I went back to where the suitcase was it was on the ground many people walking around.The suitcase had been ransacked and clothes/items were missing from my daughters luggage. As I knelt down to gather what was left of her things. 2 women came and started going through the clothes and taking them as if they were for free. I started telling them No these things are mine. They could not have them but they kept on ignoring me. I got very angry and emotional that I wanted to fight these ladies off. Then I woke up. Oh yes I for got to mention a part in there where I saw my current boyfriend in the water and he looked at me and how ugly I looked to him. Which he never has told me in waking life.

Significant Life Events: Stressed and tired from the responsibilities of raising my 2 teen grandkids. Andcaring for my mom.My overall health has me concerned. And yes I do experience fear , frustration and relationships issues with family. My Adult kids and significant other as well as my not so social life.

Background: Hi my name isJoanna Im a 48year old hispanic female. I work as a caregiver.I am a mother of 6 adult kids and 4 granchildren

Mental Illness Or Depression: Yes depression/ anxiety


Feelings About People: It is fair I would say

Relationship Status: Been with the same man for 20 yrs. But not married

When And How Often: Today. During my nap
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