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People and animals

PostPosted: June 16th, 2021, 2:50 pm
by dreamer58122
Dream: The first part- someone told me to get ready to go running with the others I don’t know who they were. They said we needed a net to catch baby white bunnies. I went to my room and started changing into exercise clothes. The first net I found was white and ripped so I tried to fix it but then it ripped again. I found another black one that I remember my uncle leaving there it was in good condition. I got it and went to meet everyone else but no one was waiting for me. I got annoyed or mad that they all leafy without waiting so I decided to not go. Instead I sat with my family. My dad, his girlfriend and I don’t remember anyone else. Someone was telling me to go “hunting” with the others but I refused. Later I started walking and passed the place where the bunnies were being caught. I saw two bunnies by the fence I believe they were hurt. Or it might have been one hurt and the other perfectly fine. That was the end of the first part or first dream.
Part 2- I was with my aunt and we were going to lots of places it looked like a type of mall. We didn’t talk to each other we were just waking together. Then I saw one of my substitute teachers. He is an old, short, and a Mexican. In real like I don’t really see him that often but he is my favorite teacher. I saw him in the dream and ran up to him I was happy at that moment. I came close and put my face lower so he could recognize me. I told him hello, remember me? Then I said how are you doing? We both seemed happy to talk to each other. He said fine and asked how I was doing. I said I am fine too. All of this was spoken in Spanish. I remembered my aunt and thought they might know each other since she went to the same school as me. But I couldn’t find her. I ended up in a room with other people and saw my aunt then I saw two other people that she might know one of them the old man so I pointed to them and he said hi to them. When she was talking to the old man she didn’t seem as happy as I thought both of them were kind of awkward. The room looked new and was only a big square it was brown with different shades and possibly some black. In the room the “boss”came in and said there were no open snacks allowed. So people throw them away. I tried to hide that mine were open and when he passed he didn’t notice. He said to leave something in a trail. He told us directions. Everyone went everywhere and put things in trails they were statues. The statues were not famous ones that I knew of. One of the statues I saw was a little boy laying down on his side with one of his legs crossed on the other and his hand on his chin. As I was looking at it someone picked it up and left. The statues I saw were in shapes of people. When people were done putting a trail they were all instructed to come back within a time period. They all came but then different types of animals started to join. We were all sitting in a kind of circle position with the animals scattered. There were bunnies, foxes, wolves, deer, these small fox looking thing that were grey and has a pointy nose(I don’t remember what they are called). None of them were killing each other. At this point i don’t remember seeing any people. There was just twice I saw commotion. A fox and a bunny were just scaring each other. A beat up wolf with one black leg was growling not to any animal in particular just by himself. We all sat there and in the middle up front of the half circle was a wolf he was the “boss” and had been the one to call the meeting. I think there might have been two other animals with him but I don’t remember. I remember looking at the animals and thinking how Beautiful it was that all the animals were just there. I was looking at all of them. The deer in the back. The bunnies and small grey foxes in the front. I was in the middle along with the foxes and wolves. I was in awe with all the animals. He then said there was going to be a red moon in two days(also might have said a few days). Then all the animals turned there heads to the moon with was behind me. It was daylight but you could still see the moon. All animals were looking at it for a good while and everything seemed to stay still. Then the moon started to move and the animals were startled. The moon moved more and more then started coming down all of a sudden. Then the moon turned into a UFO and came down to us. At this point the animals were all gone and the people were back. The ufo was making a buzzing sound like a bee and everyone was trying to stay still. Then the ufo suddenly opened and a black bee was inside. The bee seemed like it was looking for someone in particular because it kept going around the people. When it got to my group I got scared and ran to another group of people and the bee followed me. It was going around that group now and I was scared. I ran back and forth and the bee followed me. That’s all I remember.

Significant Life Events: The future or trying to do something productive.

Anxiety of the future, ghosts/demons, tired of being lazy but too tired to get up and became distant from family after something happened mostly my aunt.

Background: 15 years old, female, Mexican American

Mental Illness Or Depression: I don’t know

Location: Texas

Feelings About People: I was very happy to see the old man in my dream and he was also happy. In real like he is a cool old teacher and something we speak to each other in Spanish. In real life he is very very quiet and sometimes his hands shake. My dad and his girlfriend were just there in the first part nothing was really being felt. In real life they are both cool. My dad works a lot and we don’t spend time together but his girlfriend makes up for it by sometimes taking me places. My aunt in the dream was just there as well I did t feel much. In real life I haven’t spoken to her in about 6 months even tho I see her about 3 to 4 times a week. I don’t like her and get mad when she visits. I get mad when someone talks about her in front of me as well. The other people in my dream were just people none of my friends or other family were there.

Relationship Status: Single

When And How Often: Morning of June 16. The same dream isn’t reoccurring but a while ago I had a whole lot of dreams all around the same time that were filled with animals and some with people. And kind of strange just like this one.