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PostPosted: May 10th, 2021, 1:32 pm
by dreamer58086
Dream: My fiancé and I were outside at night time piddling in the car. He was on the driver side leaned across the seat with his right hand in the back seat area (why, not sure maybe cleaning it) I was on the passenger side with the door open and knelt down beside the car talking to him when I felt a hand grip my right shoulder and start pulling me backwards. I started yelling for my fiancé, he was unable to reach me and that point I started screaming and crying. When I felt my finance wrap his arms around me I started fighting and raised up off the bed. He kept saying to me Baby Im here, its ok, I got you babe. I was still crying, shaking and was fearful. It felt so real. I have had prophetic dreams before but I have never screamed, and was shaking with fear in any of them. I never saw the face or body of who grabbed me.

Significant Life Events: nothing really on my mind. Not experiencing any fears, frustrations, or relationship issues.

Background: 53 yr old female

Mental Illness Or Depression: no

Location: springfield, tn 37172

Feelings About People: Our current relationship is the best relationship I've every had.

Relationship Status: we plan to marry in October

When And How Often: it occurred last night, Mother's Day night. Only one like this Ive ever had.