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Postby dreamer631 on March 4th, 2013, 3:22 am

Dream: First I dreamed of one work mate a woman (bank manageress) who I dreamed while in her office she instructing one little girl to find a job for me......

few days later she called me and told me that one of my client a Muslim of Somali origin visited her office and was asking my whereabouts, the lady give my story to the client who told the lady to find me and took me to his office, he further promised her that he will take me to the managing director of one of the newly found Islamic Bank for employment where he is shareholder of that bank.

After a month or two of struggling to find the client through the bank manageress, he seems to be very busy hence not available....

Then I dreamed a second dream: I was in a public hall with many people,it was like a church building, I was amid the congregation, then I noticed all the people were afraid of something and started to move from behind to the front of the hall and exit through side doors, I was just siting there wondering and turned around to see what is happening....I saw the client sitting a few benches behind me alone and very calm, he was alone and quite.....end of the dream.

Significant Life Events: I lost my career job in 2010 by resigning following force indirect allegation, since then I been struggling to go back to my career job

I been applying for jobs, go to interview and do well only to fail in vetting, because my previous employer giving not a clean reference

Currently I am working with a small security company, the pay is very low, am struggling to support my family

Frustration? Fear? yes....I am thinking of tomorrow, what will happen to me and my family

Background: 47 years old african male, a season banker, currently working as Traffic Marshall

Mental Illness Or Depression: None

Location: From Dar Es Salaam City, United Repuplic Of Tanzania, East Africa

Feelings About People: The manageress she is a long time work mate since when we were in mid twenties,she is a Muslim but went to catholic school, I was a senior to her, we were not close friends until 2008/2009....I been wondering why is she so much concerned of my ordeal.

The client is a business man owning a big construction company, ha has share in the only Islamic Bank, our relationship was purely business and he used to trust me in all his transactions, he would leave a big sum of cash withdrawals etc, he completely trusted me and was enjoying my services.

Relationship Status: married with three children

When And How Often: Not recurring, but two dreams that are related to true physical events,
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