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Postby Angels2014 on March 3rd, 2013, 8:18 pm

We got transferred to Italy. We are back to the apartment we used to live. My daughter is not with us this time. I am surprise to see all our furniture is there already. I was sitting at a table looking at a phone bill trying to decide if it was worth paying the $90/month and maybe we should just get a cell phone. Then my thought goes to my friend (Susi). I want to call her but I remember only the number 30. I go to my son’s room. I am trying to install a phone in my son’s room but there is a piece missing at the end of the cord. I looked outside a window. I see the neighbor building a house. I thought that it was odd because he was using big blocks to do the roof like a puzzle. A few minutes I looked again and I was amazed the house was almost finished. Then I thought of my sister and daughter back home that I forgot to give them $50 or $100 so they could continue buying the lottery for our group. Then I see myself in a store. I am amazed the store has mostly gluten free products. I buy a loaf of bread. Then I am back at the apartment in the kitchen. I was making a stir fry with rice. A lady was cooking beside me making the same thing. She wanted to transfer some shrimps to my skillet but I told her no because of my allergy and I could get sick. I was very worry getting sick especially in a foreign country.
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