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Cannot find the exit.

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Cannot find the exit.

Postby Angels2014 on March 3rd, 2013, 7:57 pm

I was walking with some people/friends on a sidewalk near my workplace. We then got invited to someone’s house. She asked me I could pick her up a club sandwich to bring to her place. Then I see a platoon of soldiers in rank crossing the street like there was some kind of parade. From nowhere, without seeing him, I hear my husband telling someone that he owed him $3,000. Then I find myself on a long “hilly” rural road. I am trying to get back home but I can’t find the exit 417 East. I stopped at a restaurant to ask my way. The person said that there was no 417 East. Then I remember I drove by a sign that said 417 West. I thought that I could just take that exit and turn around to go East. I wake up.
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