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my ex and my current husband

PostPosted: March 3rd, 2013, 2:58 pm
by Anonymous
Dream: It started off in a casino type environment than me and my ex were walking together and he told me to kiss him and I did my husband did not see shortly after we were in line at a grocery store after finding out he was dating another girl I picked up some canned drinks and started throwing them at him than we were outside and my husband and the other girl were in his truck and I kept asking why he would do that when we have a baby on the way and he didn't care eventually she got out and we got into a physical fight and than I went with my ex somewhere after that I met up with my husband to talk than I woke up

Significant Life Events: I was happy nothing that I would think to have anything to do with my dream me and my husband have been harsh on each other lately and I am in a custody battle with my ex at the moment

Background: I am 20 I am a white female and I am unemployed

Mental Illness Or Depression: I have depression and anxioty

Location: USA Utah magna

Feelings About People: Me and my ex don't talk he avoids me other than when it involves our child and me and my husband have been rocky lately

Relationship Status: marries

When And How Often: It has only happened once and it was last night march 2 2013