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Animals-cat and dogs

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Animals-cat and dogs

Postby dreamer628 on March 3rd, 2013, 8:04 am

Dream: The dream took place in my own home; it looked as it always does. My own cat was laying in the back foyer. She had a look on her face that was a mix of curiousity and tentative hostility. When I followed her line of sight, I saw an underweight, obviously abused kitten right outside my screen door. I turned around and there were a couple more scrawny kittens in my living room. (My cat does not play well w/ others-she has never lived w/ another animal.) There were also a few dogs outside as well but those images are less ingrained in my mind's eye than the cats'. It felt like the local SPCA had opened their doors and let out all their animal inventory in my yard! In real life, there is almost nothing I wouldn't do to help a stray animal, especially one that has been so obviously abused and/or neglected; in my dream, however, I wasn't trying to help at all. The one specific kitten that was waiting right outside my screen door, was crying for my help and it almost felt like she knew me; that she had come to me for a reason. As I tried to shoo away this one animal, I found that neither my screen door nor back door closed properly. Both doors left a space large enough for this kitten to get through. I remember feeling that it was crucial for me to keep this animal seperated from my cat (who is about 9 y/o) but my heart was aching to save it. And for whatever reason, I could almost feel this animal's pain-emotional pain, not physical. In the dream, I remember finding kittens, adult cats and dogs in a variety of strange places throughout my house. While all seemed unhappy, none were as upsetting as the one outside my door...

Significant Life Events: #1-Things are not working out very well w/ a guy I'm dating and I'm not very happy about that.

#2-My health has been questionable as of late. Nothing too serious but I'm awaiting test results regarding two seperate illnesses.

#3-My parents are causing me a great deal of concern lately, as their drinking is getting really, really out of hand...

#4-A close friend proved to be deceptive, malicious and selfish. It really caught me by surprise...

Background: 30 y/o swf, college grad, currently unemployed and applying to graduate school.

Mental Illness Or Depression: No

Location: Newark, DE

Feelings About People: There was no other human in my dream that I can recall but that doesn't surprise me-I've always felt closer to animals than other people. The only image from the dream that I recognized, besides my home, was my cat Minx. I have been feeling guilty lately as she and I are living in a most unhappy situation at the moment; the yelling and screaming of the two people we live w/ seems to arouse an anxiety attack in her which causes her eyes to weep. It almost appears as if she is crying. My cat is more important to me than almost anything (or anyone) else in the world.

Relationship Status: Single

When And How Often: I had the dream sometime between 2-7am (this morning)...
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