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dream of different sceneros

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dream of different sceneros

Postby dreamer625 on March 2nd, 2013, 4:22 pm

Dream: Dream i saw boyfriend in bed lying on his stomach talking to someone and telling them if they have is back he has theirs and he told this person i love you like you love me. In this dream I was watching this going on. then it went into me and him picking up clothes putting them in two different basket , then i was looking at my lottery slip and reading the numbers i won..I only remember the number 9 & 17. I was feeling hurt about watching him tell this person this and i was happy about the lottery .
i saw boyfriend talk on the phone in bed in bedroom& lottery in car

Significant Life Events: Having trouble about the situation with this I'm involved with and finding a job. Is he cheating and usin
g me. This arguement happen @5:30 am he was texting another wom, I have caught him calling another woman in early part of February.

No fear but having relationship and no job or no financial support .

Background: I'm 42,never married Blkfemal unemployed

Mental Illness Or Depression: No


Feelings About People: I'm having mix emotions about boyfriend & sad about job boyfriend name is Ray our relationship is to me unsure because I'm not sure if he loves me or not or just using me. I'm desperate for a job &in need of money.

Relationship Status: single

When And How Often: On 3/1/2013
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