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Helicopter crashing

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Helicopter crashing

Postby dreamer57586 on July 4th, 2020, 7:18 pm

Dream: I was at my ex man old house. I was not to sure if we were together he had to show me. There were some since of love. But his friend was there . But I did not see the friend. The friend was in a different room. It was darken and different the house. But we both went outside and he pointed at a black helicopter spinning around and exploding then the house was on fire He told me go. I told what about your friend. He just went walking to the room .Then my family and I were at a shop. Where the shop was at .There are apartments there now. I was wondering if he would go there He did in a bus . I was so surprised .My sister gave me money . The workers at the shop asked where is the helicopter crash. I was going to tell my dream was ending . But I wanted to go back to that dream. It was so real.But when I woke up my grandaughter was there when I opened my eyes. I had more dreams about him. That he was getting old. He was going to see why I was acting out and what was going on with me and this neighbor hood to check it out But in the dream bunch of womens voices telling him no , dont.

Significant Life Events: Where my life is going. What am I going to do. My ex man he has not been in my life for years. Told me I was his wife and he said I love you.. Never seen him again. Fears, Trust, hurt, pain,I keep crying. Something is not right. His sister wont call me back .

Background: 54 yrs female , white, native american indian . Ohlone tribe. Care giver.

Mental Illness Or Depression: Anxiety , Depression.

Location: United States

Feelings About People: I loved the way he treated me with trueth and love and his personality and voice but it was so much he could do at the time with us He asked me on the phone. Would you like to go eat . I believe what he told me it is in my heart. Something is wrong. I feel the family and friends are hiding something from me to keep him from me. Then I look at my self like a nut and what Im feeling is a lie.

Relationship Status: Single

When And How Often: Occur
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