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Postby dreamer57582 on July 4th, 2020, 1:33 am

Dream: A nightmare obviously, I was coming back from somewhere to hostel and start to walk back to my room and there was a rush in the whole hostel(Hostel is very big around capacity of 600 people with 7 floors and four wing each and my room on 7th floor). When I was back to my wing and what that I saw was in front of washroom door there was aditi(my friend) dead body. She had been murdered. Someone stabbed her right in her stomach and her neck. Everywhere on her body was blood . Everyone was so panicked Raksha(Aditi’s roomate) was crying near her. I was in fully shock then. Somebody told me that She was standing on the 7th floor and because of Ankit she fell down and to give distance Himanshu from 6th floor pushed her so that she fell down from little away from railing. But there was no logic in both the cases

Significant Life Events: I was a bit worried about the change of the behavior of my one sided love because first he used to love me a lot then from past 6 months he moved to different college and our talks were negligible now. i was sad because of it

Background: I am a 18 y/o girl from india and currently a student of 1st year btech IIT delhi.

Mental Illness Or Depression: No

Location: Delhi India

Feelings About People: Aditi and Raksha were both my friends. we were in same branch but we don't talk much just normal talks. And Ankit and Himanshu are my good friend.i usually hangout with them. but because of quarantine I'm not in talking terms with anybody of them

Relationship Status: Single

When And How Often: Yes this dream is recurring, it occurs after midnight
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