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Being in another country

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Being in another country

Postby dreamer57580 on July 2nd, 2020, 11:11 pm

Dream: I was sat on a big rock holding a baby in my arms in the woods There's a white house but when I'm inside it's like a caravan how they look bit outside it looks like it's white and cemented to the ground I feel I'm in tezas when I go bk to the rock isit down and when I look up thers a male really tgall black boots black throwovers and red checked long sleeve shirt he looks at me and then I see him just chop off some ones head and I feel that I no he is in the wrong and I feel scared of him I feel I wanna tell someone what hes doing but I feel threatened and scared
I notice myself looking at him when he sees me I quickly look down . At the floor back in the caravan I notice a man with ginger hair same clothes different colour tops he's also really tall and stocky he sits an says nothing to me

Significant Life Events: Not actually sure

Yes relationship issues and fear

Background: Age 30 female British and unemployed

Mental Illness Or Depression: Anxiety emotional unstable personality depression torrets

Location: United Kingdom

Feelings About People: There not scared or even do they struggle to chop someone head off it looks nornal to the man5like he's used to it I felt fear and domestic relationship maybe

Relationship Status: In relationships

When And How Often: 2years a ago I think about it a lot
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