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dreambible.com • View topic - A twisted version of an post-apocalyptic world

A twisted version of an post-apocalyptic world

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A twisted version of an post-apocalyptic world

Postby dreamer57579 on July 2nd, 2020, 5:52 pm

Dream: It was about 6 am and i was on a beach that my family and i used to go.That beach is about 90 km away from my home. I woke up there alone and i was trying to find a way to go back to my home.Then a big black dog was chasing me. In order to escape i jumped into a car that had an open window. Inside the car there was an old lady that i had never seen in my life. She offered to take me home. While we were driving we passed from a mountain road that wasnt a part of the way home. There we were ambused by Andreas and an unkwown girl( Andreas was the leader of the camp that i mention above). The tried to attack as and so we run. As we were running into the woods i found a hedgehog and i threw it to Andreas. I hit him on his eye and so they stopped chasing us. After that incident i was back on my village but there was something different about it. Almost all the people were turned into some kind of fast-running zombies. I found Alex(one of my best friends) and we tried to avoid them and go to my home.
For some reason we decided to go to a nearby town and we did so. There we went to an accountant's office. He told us about this disease that was turning people to zombies. While he was talking i could see Pennywise(the clown from the movie IT) running through the office's walls smiling at me but i wasnt scared at all. Then we went back to my house where we found my peer neighboor Mary. She told us about a meeting in the village's elementary school that is about 50 meters away from my home.While all three of us where going there we heard a noise from a house across the street. Alex went to check it out while me and Mary continued walking. About 20 seconds later Alex stormed out of the house running towards us with 20 zombies following him. We run and managed to enter the school. Then we went into the meeting room. There there was a box ring in the middle of the room. Into that ring the principal was standing talking. Also there were about 50 people of all ages around the ring listening. Suddenly zombies crushed the door and entered the room. Alex Mary and me run into the ring and tried to defend ourselves with wooden chairs. After the zombies ate everyone else they surrounded us while we were depserately trying to push them away. Then i woke up and my dream ended

Significant Life Events: Its hard to tell cause it was about 8 months ago but i think that it had something to do about my experience in a summer camp that i didnt enjoy at all.

Im single always has been so no relationship issues.Im not very aggresive and i dont have an anger problem.My fears are pretty common :failing my exams, losing control of my life, been rejected again,people findindg out about my secrets.

Background: Im 17 years old.Im from Greece.Im male.I dont have a job cause im still in school.

Mental Illness Or Depression: I never had any mental illness but i probably suffered from depression when i was 14 due to a rejection from a girl i liked.

Location: I live in a small village with a population of 1000 residents but there is a town of 30000 people 3 km away.Essentialy my village is a suburb of that town

Feelings About People: I like Andreas not very much but i cant say that i despise him.We are not in touch but if i run into him i will say hello.

Alex is my best friend. He is a great guy and he will always be there for me when i need him.

Mary was the first girl that i hanged out with cause she was my neighbour. Altough all my ftiends think that she is very beautiful i dont think so. I cant see her in a romantic way but i wouldnt mind spending a little more time with her cause now we have different friends and i only see her in school(we go to the same school).

I wont mention the other people in my dream cause they are insignificant and i couldnt even remember theur faces

Relationship Status: Single

When And How Often: It happened about 8 months ago and i havent seen it since.
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