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dreambible.com • View topic - I have no idea....

I have no idea....

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I have no idea....

Postby dreamer618 on March 1st, 2013, 10:17 am

Dream: There are some moments that don't make sense and I wind up in places randomly and not knowing how.
It starts out in an apartment, I'm having a party, or get together or something. My ex is there. He is with another girl I've never seen before that I later on wind up calling his ex? She was a blonde skinny girl. I don't exactly remember what happened but all of the sudden I became filled with rage. I started to try to fight her. My ex grabbed the girl took her outside and headed for the car he told her that he knew that I wasn't kidding and that I would beat her ass, I ran behind the girl and grabbed her. (As all of this is happening i realize I'm in my old neighborhood from 8 years ago but the apartment we were in didn't look like mine) My ex then pulled me off of her and put me in the back seat of the car, then put the girl in the front seat all I could think about was when she got into the car I was going to choke her from the back seat. A car then pulled up it blocked us in, it was a 4 door older car I think it was blue. There were 3 people in it 1 guy 1 girl and I'm not sure about the other. I guess the ex (girl) had called in reinforcements to try to fight me, but only the girl had gotten out of the car. Somehow I knew her, I called her Chelsea but she looked like a girl I knew named Megan who I haven't spoken to or seen in years. Nothing further happened. I then wound up on a sidewalk walking into a building, I called my ex to see where he was I guess I wanted him to meet me, I asked where he was and he said Miami, I said ok cool because I'm in Pembroke Pines, not too far from there. When I walked into the building there were stairs, they were big open flights of stairs with glass railings. I looked up and he was on one. I can't figure out how we wound up there together when he said he was somewhere else. Anyway, I was going somewhere, I'm not sure where but I was moving quickly. He has parked his car outside downstairs and we began heading up. I finally got to the floor I wanted and it looked like a movie theatre. There was the corny movie theatre carpet, a food stand/bar there were actual theaters and a guy collecting tickets but he didn't make me give him one. I looked back but didn't see my ex, I looked at the ticket guy and I saw him nod towards the hallway where I walked from almost as if he was saying yes to something. I then looked again to see if my ex was coming and he was, slowly but he was. I almost feel like the ticket guy told him which way I went. I continue walking down a hall and I suddenly wind up in I car. I don't know the man I'm with. He was tan and older looking, he had short hair and I remember him wearing black somewhere in his outfit. We were in a 4 door car. I didn't know where we were going and I kept looking out the back window to see if my ex was following us but he wasnt, it was only road, a curved road with many other cars, but all of them going the same way. We pulled to a dead end and there was a giant house, we walked through a wood fence and people were everywhere. There was an 18 wheeler that was full of food and drinks. The only ones I remember though were water, lots of bottled and gallons of water. There was potato chips and soda and I specifically remember a diet soda? There were workers moving all the food into the house. I walked in and I was given a gift bag, I didn't look in it I just went to my room? Don't know how I even knew it was mine. Somehow I also remember being offered to stay there I was outside on a veranda that I walked a boardwalk up to that was all connected to the house. There were people I knew and they offered me to stay but I refused I tried to call my ex but the call wouldn't go through. I went back to the room I says was mine and packed all if my stuff but I had nothing when I arrived there. I grabbed some brushes paper and a few other things. I then called my ex from another phone and he said he would meet me. When I went to go outside he was there and so were the other workers. They looked like hillbillies or something. It was then dusk and they threatened to not let ya leave, when I walked forward these little creatures I can't even explained what they looked like popped out of the ground, we smashed and killed a good amount of them and tried to run. I don't remember anything else but I woke up having an anxiety attack and drenched in sweat...

Significant Life Events: My ex and a literally just split up. I'm carrying his child. We were living together and he moved out yesterday. That's been the only thing on my mind. I've been trying to find someone to rent out the other room in my apartment now because I'm struggling to pay bills on my own. Not being able to pay my rent has caused a great deal of stress on me.

Background: I'm a 20 year old female with 1 child and am currently pregnant. I'm a manager in fast food and have a Hispanic ethnicity.

Mental Illness Or Depression: I have anxiety issues, and some mild anger issues. I lose patience quickly.

Location: I live in Boca raton, fl in the USA

Feelings About People: My ex: I love him more than anything, I resent him for leaving me though. I still want to be with him
All of the other people I either didn't know or had no problems with the ones j recognized except for some reason his accused ex?

Relationship Status: I'm single

When And How Often: It occurred last night feb, 28th, 2013
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