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A woman walked pass me.

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A woman walked pass me.

Postby dreamer57576 on June 30th, 2020, 3:37 am

Dream: I had just woken up, was going to ease myself in the toilet at the back of the house, as I stepped out, half way to the restroom I noticed I was not wearing my slippers, a girl who was a guest was using it, she was outside cooking something while in a vending positio, just as I passed her, I quickly went back into the room to get a spare slippers in my room, 'surprisingly' I was using it to play with some other footwaears I had just before I decided to go ease myself. I came out the room, as a walked pass her, i looked at what she was doing, it was strange and out of place. She had grass built like a bird nest, filled with sand on her left hand and a knife on the right. It was as thou she was piercing inside the sand, turning the knife inside the bird nest like build filled with sand bending over a fire burning. As I got to the same spot I got to before I went back to get my slippers her mother walked pass me coming from the bathroom I was going into to ease myself, I greeted her good morning but she did not respond, I turned and followed thinking she didn't hear me and I greeted again only to observe she had her head facing her back as she walked on, I had to look again and again to be sure, then I saw her dark black eyes and it was like I heard a voice that said, NOW YOU KNOW, suddenly a force came over me wanting me to put my head in the fire her daughter was burning the bird nest over. I struggled forcing myself to resist the force dragging my head into the fire, then I woke up with a struggle.

Significant Life Events: I get negatively affected everytime I see the picture of my ex, around March I decided to stop thinking about her cos since the day she walked out, a day never passed that I dint think about her. Yesterday my son sent a video he made of her and my daughter, I did not like how I felt cos I deleted the video immediately after watch
Fear in relationship. Well the separation was a hard one, sucked life out of me

Background: Am 46yrs old, separated from my wife a year ago, an experience that I have not gotten over. I am an igbo man from the eastern part of Nigeria currently unemployed. I did you to have dreams which had bearing and relationship to things that later happened but aftersome events it I stopped dreaming and just before it stopped, i would dream but forget the events of the dreams by morning when I awake.

Mental Illness Or Depression: Had it really bad the events that led to my separation. Went into depression, thought of committing suicide,knew I needed help from a doctor or specialist but I overcame it when I had to face reality that the marriage was over.

Location: Lagos / Nigeria

Feelings About People: I was indifferent about them. Did not think they were harmful or had any sinister motive until the thing I saw.

Relationship Status: Seperated

When And How Often: Just occurred this morning. I had woken up to answer a call about 7am went back to sleep then had this dream so it wasn't a deep in the morning dream
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