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Postby dreamer57574 on June 29th, 2020, 4:56 pm

Dream: I remember that my family (my mom, two brothers, a grandma, and an aunt) and I was on the bus size motor vehicle, and inside was different from the inside of bus. There were chairs in the back, a huge space enough for us to walk around in the middle, and I don't know about the front-I didn't look at it or a driver of the bus. Outside was very dark and cloudy. I was talking to my grandma and suddenly there were spots of light breaking through the cloud. Something came down and float along with the bus but stay away from us like 10 feet (this part is a bit strange) I couldn't see the front but I kinda knew it was the chariot where Jesus was in because I remember seeing horses but not who was in control of them. I just knew that was Jesus. I was so happy to see it and my grandma was shocked to see it but then this part get weirder, we noticed there were trains in the golden fire in a spiritual way, it was so bright and it was linked to (it was not very long) the chariot. We couldn't see who was on the trains but for some reason, I knew these trains are for God's people and bring them to heaven then something happens and it left to the cloud. We got more shocked because we are Christians so I looked around to see if my other family members are gone or not. (all of us are believers btw) My mother and my little brother are gone while they were sleeping on the bus with us. My aunt woke up and was confused. What was so shocking to me that my baby brother at 6 years old came up to me. I thought every child will be caught up to heaven but my baby brother was still here with me. I asked my grandma what happened and why my brother is still here if Jesus came and went to heaven but she has no answer. She was so confused as me. At first, I thought this was rapture but now after seeing my brother is still here with us I am not sure about that anymore. This is when my dream ended.

Significant Life Events: I have been thinking will I still be a lukewarm or hot Christian by the time Jesus comes and will I have everything done like pay off my debts before it gets too late. I sometimes get afraid when I think that when Jesus comes and I will be left behind.

Background: I am 19 years old and deaf female African American (my skin is light tho). I don't have a job. I am planning to apply for some. I haven't decided if I want to go to college or take a gap year so I let God guide me whatever He wants me to be.

Mental Illness Or Depression: I suffered from depression sometimes and from maladaptive daydreaming too.

Location: United States

Feelings About People: I truly love my family, I do. I have no problem with them. I talk to them almost every day and sometimes study the Bible with my mom, grandma, and aunt. I just know that my mom has to struggle with faith and lack of motive for reading the Bible, but now she is doing better than before. I am not sure about my little brother at 13 years old. He goes to the church with my family almost every Wednesday and Sunday. My have to tell him to read the Bible almost every day. He always play a game on the computer with my other brother and his friends online every day like every 2-4 hours per day. I don't know he is truly a believer.

Relationship Status: I am single.

When And How Often: After spending all night, studying the Bible. I went to sleep and woke up in the morning for a bit then went back to sleep so this when dream occur. This was my first time dreaming this so it is not recurring.
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