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Multiple Dreams in one Dream

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Multiple Dreams in one Dream

Postby dreamer57566 on June 26th, 2020, 1:01 pm

Dream: So I remember having a dream about a rattlesnake in my room and I wanted to catch it and get rid of it. I was unsuccessful and the snake bit my hand and then the snake went away. Then I was looking out the window and saw a rainbow and a light grey sky. I also saw a woman mowing our grass. Then I do remember oversleeping in my dream and missing work and I asked my mom what time it was and she said it was “7am” then my boss ended up coming to my house to look for me and then my dream was over. I also had another dream where I was in the car and my mom was driving and the Virgin Mary appeared in the sky and she was wearing green and I was crying to her and giving her thanks. Afterwards I do remember playing the piano. I had a dream I was in Hawaii on vacation and I remember seeing my best friend and her parents and I was talking to them about something. Britt’s mom asked me who the person was that has been helping me in life and that person is “My mom” she’s helping me grow, glow and learn. I also was telling them things in confidence and remember seeing brittney cry. I also remember it was time to leave and someone was picking me up to take me home. Then I was getting ready to leave in the little shopping mall and I was seeing LV stuff and I met someone else that reminded me of “Britt” since we were no longer friends and I was so happy! Anyways I do remember seeing jewelry and climbing up this like ladder and I made it to the top! Anyways I remember being back at home and there was a cake to eat in the kitchen and I was gonna eat it but kids were making a mess and I got mad. So then me and Norma were arguing and she left and she vandalized my car! So the neighbor saw her and followed her. There was also two guys that care into the house. I don’t think they were intruders. They were private security to protect the house. Then I remember seeing my dad and Rachel at the beach. I also remember going to HEB but then a cop was following me because I didn’t put my seatbelt on. So then I parked and waited a bit and left back to Walmart to shop.

Significant Life Events: I can’t really say. My grandmother is in her final months of life and I do worry about her a lot but I know she needs her rest. Lately I’ve been feeling lost in life because I don’t know what my passion is and I don’t know what career I want... I still can’t really say I have anything on my mind.

I don’t have any fears, frustrations or relationship issues.

Background: 21 years old, Male, Hispanic. Retail worker.

Mental Illness Or Depression: No mental illness but I suffered from very very little depression.

Location: United States, Pharr,Texas

Feelings About People: I have great relationships with the people in my dream. I have no issues with anyone. I would just say that I want to be more connected to them but I never reach out.

Relationship Status: Single.

When And How Often: Last week.
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