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Water flood

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Water flood

Postby dreamer57562 on June 25th, 2020, 7:42 am

Dream: I dreamt that I was in a public bathroom changing my clothes and the pipes did not turn off and it was alot of water filling up in the place alot of water and I almost drown but I didnt but I did also save little girl life in the dream we both survive the water flood it was alot of water excessive amount of water

Significant Life Events: Moving from where I live I was thinking about that also I was thinking about being financially stable and never .no not experienced relationship issues right now but I'm experiencing frustration about being giving love and not reciprocating back the same behavior.

Background: I'm 33 years old I'm from Jamaica I live in NYC I'm a female and I do hair

Mental Illness Or Depression: No

Location: United States

Feelings About People: I don't know them

Relationship Status: Single

When And How Often: This morning
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