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The Walking Dead television series

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The Walking Dead television series

Postby dreamer617 on March 1st, 2013, 12:17 am

Dream: Part one of the dream had nothing to do with zombies, but I thought I'd let you in on it because it segwayed into the part I'm questioning. The first part was about an guy friend I had a brief fling with who has completely removed himself from my life. In the dream, I was sporadically posing as his actual girlfriend to his mom for some reason. Involved a little bit of sexual touching. Felt a little sad, because I did have feelings for this guy.

Now, normally, when I have dreams like that, I wake up depressed; and rightfully so. I generally realize why I'm having them - is a yearning and an uncertainty that manifests into my sleep. But then I went into yet another dream involving a zombie Apocalypse and my mood completely switched.

The Walking Dead portion included classmates (who I don't always feel equal to), my sister (who walks on egg shells with me), some friends who have distanced themselves from me...and Andrea, Michonne, Daryl (Yes!), Dale...I think Rick and Carl were in there for a bit...and then there was a second kid resembling a real life incarnation of Eric Cartman from South Park and Juliette from Lost. Basically everyone involved in it was a combination of three television shows I adore and people in my life I am in some kind of conflict with.

The setting for the zombies was an area near my home in my city that's a crossroads for a river, a canal and several parks. The parks served as kind of a campsite that we consistently worked hard to fortify. I won't lie, parts of it were gruesome. I mean, the whole feeling of chase was in there and survival was a big issue. Nobody really got killed, except for a random puppy that was our mascot for some reason. It went barking at approaching zombies...you can guess the rest.

Significant Life Events: - combination of uncertainty and triumph
- friends have distanced themselves for reasons surrounding mental issues, still feeling pressures surrounding suicidal feelings I'm working on with doctor; starting internship at radio station newsroom, first successful attempt at freelance writing
- in debt, received bursary
- still a virgin, trying to start romantic relationships, not having a lot of luck

Background: 27, female, journalism student/part time sales associate, Caucasian

Mental Illness Or Depression: generalized anxiety disorder, frequent panic attacks, depression

Location: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Feelings About People: The relationship with the real life people from my dream is mixed, although this one really didn't feature anyone I'm downright feuding with. Even the fling during the first part is someone I can have a general conversation with regardless of what happened.

The fictional characters...well, most of them are awesome. I'm not a fan of Andrea, but what Walking Dead fan is, but it was still neat to see her in my dream.

Relationship Status: Single

When And How Often: Recurring. I have them as frequently as the dreams about my waking life. What is making me confused about them is they are a lot more violent and graphic as the dreams I consider nightmares to my mental health, but they're so much fun to have. I find myself immersed in the Hollywood-ness of it and it feels like I'm watching a two-hour episode of my favourite show. Really, what I need help with is understanding why I'm having these generally good dreams as frequently as the ones that put my depression into perspective and make me feel like there's no point to waking up.
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