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Postby dreamer57556 on June 22nd, 2020, 6:13 am

Dream: i had a dream i was in the store with a girl who had a pregnancy test in her hand i can see the test was positive. we walked into a corner convenient store when the asian lay standing behind a tall glassed counter was waiting on this girl and the girl said to the lady that she could not understand the test standing behind the girl i watched the asian lady put into the glass a strip test assuming belonged to the girl questioning her test that test was also positive so the asian lady told the girl its positive the girl walked away as if she had just made a purchase from the store.

Significant Life Events: financial stress loss of income trying to get my business up and running so that it may generate the funds needed in order to live, weight loss, quit smoking. working out spending time with me selfcare i could never seem to incorporate in my life because i spend lots of time helping others i do experience the fears of not being able to produce and losing what i worked hard to build, relationships failing business and intimate plus im am having a difficult time getting over an ex.

Background: 42 years old female black self employed

Mental Illness Or Depression: yes ptsd, anxiety depression sleep apnea

Location: hagerstown md united states

Feelings About People: well i didn't know the girl in my dream and i was happy for her and i also wish that i was the one with the positive pregnancy test

Relationship Status: married but im in a situation where he is just using me dont actually want me, my ex boyfriend left me 3 months ago and now i have my kids father from my staying with me and it feels worse than my ex or about the same

When And How Often: the dream was once and it started last night
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