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dreambible.com • View topic - Dream Of Rape: Evidence Of A Crime

Dream Of Rape: Evidence Of A Crime

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Dream Of Rape: Evidence Of A Crime

Postby chase on June 20th, 2020, 8:50 pm

I see a young woman on the left sitting on bench. The right side is blocked out by a booth that is upclose to my vision. She says "I have to go to this guy's address to have sex with him" and she's adamant it's important to fix a problem once and for all. She wears a grey dress to her knees. Her mouth is covered by a facial mask that is darker grey with a dark red pattern on it. The design of the facial mask feels "too old woman not liking being attractive, mother only."

A man on the right behind this booth that blocks my vision says "I don't think you need to do that. I don't think that's important."

The woman is adamant. She is very straightforward about "this must be the way." She has to have sex with some man at a specific address and there is no convincing her not to. She's on her way and nothing will stop her. She sits on the bench and waits.

Then she stands up to walk to the right to go up stairs to a white house (first house on east side of Brooklyn Ave from Queen Street passed the lawn after the first building) and she is immediately accepted into the door by a man.

The scene then shows her walking into the booth on the right(the one that never leaves my eyesight blocking all the right side). She opens the door and closes it. It's the size of two phone booths side by side. It's all glass. The top of the glass is frosted out. The bottom is totally clear glass. Basically, I can see her bum in the grey dress and not her upper body at all. She embraces a man in the booth with open arms and I can't see him.

Then the woman slides down her white underwear in the booth and unbuttons her grey dress from the front as the man embraces her. I never see his face.

The booth is closed and then I see on the glass at the part where the frosting meet clear glass, on the right side, a weird brown alien looking underbelly like a alien pig belly with circular craters on it. It's moves towards the woman with the feeling of "need this all the time" like a disgusting alien getting something or sucking something out.

Next the scene in the booth changes to the inside, but now it's a modern white, grey, and silver interrogation room. Lots of space. My view is from the left looking to the right on ever so slight angle of towards upper right. Medium size rectangular room. Easy to move around.

The woman is on her hands and knees with her vagina bleeding faced forward, I can't see her face. She has a perfect body. She is angry like a demon wanting revenge for what happened to her. Her voice radiates the humming sound of multiple "famous for years confidence" of women ready to attack at once.

The man in the room is a regular looking man. Possibly a cop either on duty or off duty. Nothing special about his looks. Average man. Brown hair that looks like "my life is a job and married typical joe)

The man is under the table that the woman is facing. He is afraid of her. He says scared "LARRY DAVID, I DON'T THINK YOU WANTED THIS!!!!!!" He feels good that getting away with it was allowed and just shouldn't be in trouble nervous he can't easily get off.

I awake.


I suspect this dream tells a story of a woman in the hacking situation I'm in that was exploited by a police officer in secret into thinking giving him sex would help her escape legal problems. Police man have used "parental guardian" control after dishonestly winning concessions from famous people and then treat me like a child who can't have sex himself and then take the sex for themselves like it's acceptable. I can't be 100% sure. Just my dream.

If she can read this, I wish I could do something about it. But, I can't get a lawyer yet.
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